Thursday, April 22, 2010

AGE 1st Annual Science Fair 2010

Mason had his first science fair at school today. He had Magnet Power demonstrating how magnets move things. Chris called it a Rail Gun or the same technology as the Maglev trains or Magnetic Linear Accelerator. Everyone loved it! Interactive so they could all play with it. He got FIRST PLACE with a 3 way tie! And two 2nd place winners. Pretty cute, he is quite the little scientist! He and Dad had so much fun with this and it gathered quite a crowd. In addition to all this fun, it was take a child to work day. Dad said "Mason bounced around Lockheed today with me. Explosions, Nitro man and lots of cool space shwag! He loved it I loved it something like that!"

EASTER 2010!

EASTER!! We drove down to Pueblo, along with Mimi and Papa and had a good ol' egg hunt, goodies, and lots of yummy food. Cousins in order Mason, Kailey, Kiersten, and Lily (missing Celeste). The kids had over 100 eggs to find including golden eggs with $5 bills inside! So much fun!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dance Recital Video


Lily's First Dance Recital

This is the cutest thing on the planet and is sure to bring you a smile this holiday season! I hope you enjoy!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Armando and Lindsey's wedding on Halloween in Vegas

So, this was quite an adventure and very exhausting but a very cool wedding. We stayed at Paris on the Vegas Strip. Wedding was at Viva Las Vegas Chapel, reception at the Platinum Hotel (gorgeous suite) and walking the strip afterwards. Very pretty and memorable. Lindsey looked amazing and we enjoyed the masquerade aspect too! It really was fun, but a little too much for some of us old folk! :)

Bachlorette party in Vegas 2009

Let me name all the storybook characters first:
Tonya-Snow White
Lindsey-Little Miss Muffet
Becky-Little Bo Peep
Belinda-Alice In Wonderland
Marta-Little Red Riding Hood

For Lindsey and Armando's wedding we went to Vegas and this is the Bachlorette party. We went to Encore for dinner at Society. Limo ride to Chippendale's, very nice. And Limo ride to Blush nightclub at Wynn. Lots of drinks and a walk back to Paris and we were home. Remember-what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Colorado Snow day in October

Mason and Lily were off of school for 3 days due to this massive storm that dumped about 26" in our yard and neighborhood. Mason missed his Halloween party at school but sure had fun in it!